At BTC Financial Group we tailor our advice to suit your circumstances, whether you are just starting out to establish a long term savings plan or whether you are nearing the end of your working life and need sufficient funds for your retirement. Alternatively you may be starting a new career and need help with your superannuation arrangements, your personal insurance or you may be concerned about building an investment portfolio to create wealth over the coming years.

It is never too late or too soon to seek advice in creating wealth or to have your investments professionally managed. We make a commitment to our clients that our advice to them will always be in their best interests.

The financial planning process

 1. Initial meeting

Our initial meeting is an opportunity to get to know you and to see if we can assist you to improve your financial situation. To fully understand your situation, your needs and goals we will ask you to complete a Confidential Fact Find. Information in relation to your assets, liabilities, income and expenses will be requested. We will also need to see documents, such as your superannuation statements or personal risk policies. These meetings are obligation free and usually last for about 90 minutes.

2. Developing a strategy

During our initial meeting and in some cases a second follow up meeting and based on the information you provide during our discussions, we will explore and develop suitable strategies, to help you to fulfil your needs and goals.

3.  Preparation of a Statement of Advice

With your agreement, the next step is the preparation of a Statement of Advice (SOA). A fee will be charged for this work; the fee will be fully disclosed in a “Letter of Engagement” before we proceed. The information you provide will form the basis of the recommendations in the SOA we prepare, therefore it is vital this information is correct. When we have completed the SOA we will arrange to meet with you again.

 4. Presentation Meeting

At this meeting we will present the SOA to you; we will discuss each recommendation and how it will benefit you and how it will place you in a better financial position than otherwise. All fees including any additional financial planning fees and all product fees will be fully disclosed in the SOA.

5. Implementation

With your consent we will proceed with the implementation of our advice which includes the preparation of all necessary documentation. We will keep you informed of the process and follow up where necessary.

6. Ongoing review and portfolio management

To ensure your new financial arrangements remain relevant to your situation and in your best interest as time goes on, we recommend an annual review meeting and ongoing portfolio management.